Bar Snacks

Available from 2:30pm daily

Garlic Pizza Bread w Garlic & Herb Butter $8.9
Cheesy Pizza Bread w Caramelised Onions & Rosemary $10.5
Margherita Pizza $18.5
Meatlovers Pizza $20.5
BBQ Chicken Pizza $20.5
Duck Fat Wedges w Aioli $9
Golden Fries,  Tomato Sauce & Aioli $8
Criss Cut Chips w Tomato Sauce & Aioli $8.5
Crisp Kumara Chips w Sour Cream $8
Brocolli & Cheese Bites w Aioli $14.5
Mac & Cheese Bites w Aioli $13.5
Jalapeno Bites w Chilli Aioli $13.5
Crumbed Hoki Bites w Tartare Sauce $10.5
Chicken Liver Parfait w Toasted Sourdough $16.5
Mini Lamb Bites w Tzatziki $9
Mini Beef Bites w BBQ Sauce $9
Chicken Kebabs (3) Spicy OR Lemon & Herb $17.5
Seasoned Wedges w Cheese, Bacon, Sour Cream & Sweet Chilli Sauce $13.5
Salt & Pepper Squid w Aioli $17.5
HFC – Highbrook Fried Chicken

Original Coated Chicken Tenders w Chilli Aioli

Sliders (3 the same)

Pulled Pork w Capsicum & Red Onion Slaw w Chilli Aioli

Fish w Lettuce, Tomato & Tartare Sauce

Lamb w Lettuce, Tomato & Tzatziki

Mixed Sliders ( 1of each of Above) $15.5
‘Woolf Snacks’
(Half Price during Happy Hour)
Tater Tots w Aioli & Tomato Sauce $9
Mini Hot Dogs w Mustard & Tomato Sauce $10
Battered Onion Rings w Aioli $9
Mini Spring Rolls w Sweet Chili Sauce $9
Light Meals  
Fish & Chips – Beer Battered w Tartare Sauce $19.5
BLT Wrap w Tomato Sauce & Fries $17.5
Platters to share (2-3 people)
Vegetarian Platter $55
Deep Fried Goodies Platter $63
Ploughman’s Platter $68
Cheese Platter $68
Download our Bar Snacks Menu Here;Bar Snacks WEB May 2020